A Think Tank for Love and
  Peace on  Earth

 a trust fund for love   and  peace
  Think Tank for Love  and World Wide Web Peace Sanctuary  promotes public awareness of the need for relaxation, love, peace, joy and  peace on EARTH.

The visual concept that has become "love world peace" brightens your world with love and peace ; a simple visual language concept: relax  love  earth  peace  joy

Breathe, and Enjoy life.  Life  is short, so take the time to do it right. Alexander Relaxation Technique, Massage Therapy, walking for clouds in the park, or on the beach, add tranquility and restore  peace of mind , body, and soul . Learn about relaxation  with  
Knowledge . Learn  Love
& Peace . Learn Earth . Learn  Joy . 

            l i f     

Relax    Love     Earth    Peace   Joy

keep earth clean     music is good

imagine ,the  American dream 
for everyone

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